24 Feb 2021

2 Techniques to Manage Your Emotions – Stop Your Pain

High Emotions, Intense Moving Pain

Last week I talked about pain that’s caused by our emotions and I share my experience with that today.

How Do I Stop Back Pain and Where are Your Aches and Pains Coming From?

Do you have constant and consistent back pain or other aches and pains in your body? Maybe you have pain in other areas of your body like your neck, shoulders, feet, hands, a combination of all of them and many more. What about pain from arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, hypertension, etc.?

The pain is real and excruciating, especially back pain.

About 4 years ago, I was playing basketball and I was standing at the top of the key, the part that is just after half court and before the arching line on the floor. I wasn’t doing anything but standing there, when all of the sudden a sharp pain in my back caused me to seize up. Not wanting to stop, I quickly did some exercises to stretch out my back, bending over, down, squat, twist … all right I’m ready to play.

I throw the ball to my opponent, signaling, let’s play. He starts dribbling, and I reach for it, steal the ball, and I’m headed down the court for a quick layup. However, as I was dribbling down the court for that fantastic layup, that pain I described earlier, came back but with a vengeance. I froze in mid-stride, the ball kept going without me and I hobbled over to the side of the court.

Leaning over the edge of the stage, I tried to stand up, impossible. I couldn’t move. There were several individuals trying to help me but I said, “leave me alone, I’ll be fine.” I thought for sure, I would go to the side, stretch and be back in within a few minutes. Crawling up on the stage, I rolled over on my back, the pain shot from my lower back to the top of my head. I kept thinking, “What did I do? How could I have hurt my back so bad, I didn’t do anything?”

My Back Pain Stopped Me

I hollered to the rest of my teammates, “I’m done.”

After grabbing my shoes, and coat I headed home. I didn’t live far from where we are playing, two blocks at most.

My walk home was the longest, most painful walk I’ve ever taken. I could only shuffle my feet because it hurt to pick up my legs. I looked like a penguin, except lacking the grace of the penguin. The walk was slow and steady but painful. Joy filled my heart when I look up and I see I’m only a few houses from home; One problem, I have to climb stairs to get inside.

After making it up the stairs, I walk inside and Reneé (My beautiful wife) says, “What happened?”

I wished I could have said something epic like, I tried to slam dunk the basketball or something like that but no, the answer was, “I don’t know? I was standing there and then I stole the ball.”

Not able to do anything, I hobbled to the bed and laid my chest on the bed, while my knees dangled over because it hurt to do anything else.

Until you’ve experienced back pain, it’s impossible to describe it. You use your back for everything and when it’s not useable, you feel useless. I felt useless. It was impossible for me to move, I couldn’t even lay down. (Serious grumpy face)

My kids came running in, “What’s wrong dad?”

I could see the concern on their face as they stared at me. There was nothing I could do, or at least I felt like there was nothing I could do.

Fast Forward to My New Thought on Pain

During this time, I was under some stress that I thought I was handling fine. I put on a smile, said everything is great, not even my wife understood the pressure I felt. This is what life is all about, protecting your loved ones from any potential hard time, at least that’s what I thought.

I purchased several books (see below) to try to get over my back pain; however, I did a lot of reading but nothing seemed to resonate; matter of fact, some of the books made me mad. One book I read, “Healing Back Pain,” suggested that I was the cause of my pain because I wasn’t managing my emotions, negative thinking, and stress.

My back pain lasted for several weeks and I would keep hurting it again and again. It’s a slipped disk, bulging disk, or herniated disk. The comments kept coming, doc says yep; chiropractor confirmed my body was out of alignment, blah, blah, blah. I was in my thirties, way too young to have back pain. I have to figure this out.

Proof of the Back Pain

I know you have had so many doctors, chiropractors, specialists, etc… confirm what you’re thinking. These doctors have given you all of the reasons in the world to verify they are right and it’s this problem or that. You are probably taking medication on a regular basis to help with the pain. Your best friend and worst enemy, ibuprofen.

I want you to think about something and stay open to this idea, not closed like I was. Here’s the idea that I want you to think about maybe it’s not your joints, back, arthritis, or disks, perhaps it’s something else, and you can get rid of pain forever?

With all of this proof, it’s hard to think differently, but I want you to try it.

Your Back Pain and Other Aches and Pains is in Your Mind

Long story short, the book, “Healing Back Pain,” (see below) along with a few others have changed my viewpoint and helped me and others get rid of the pain we were experiencing.

If you’re still reading, then you’re at least willing to hear me out, thank you.

Have you known someone that was perfectly healthy but felt like they had every illness, disease, etc.? The term for this is hyper chondriac. They will hear about a symptom of someone that’s sick and within a week they have that same symptom, this is the power of the mind.

The mind also has the power to distract you from emotional and mental pain by suggesting you have a pain in other areas, like your back, neck, shoulders, etc. How many times have you noticed your pain traveling; one minute your head aches and soon your knees or back. Your brain maybe trying to distract you from pain that you’ve suppressed as a child, or as an adult.

I’ve watched a lot of women get over different aches and pains as they deal with past trauma or stress. Recently, there was a young lady that had a severe headache for several days and she couldn’t get rid of it. I asked her what was going on in her life and she began to tell me about all of the stress she’s going through. After listening to her for a while, I gave her a few exercises to do and within minutes of completing these techniques, her headache went from a pain to a dull ache and several hours later, was gone. I could share example after example about the healing power of mind as you heal your past.

The idea that it’s your mind and emotions that have been suppressed for years is causing the pain is a new thought but is gaining more and more traction of validity.

You’re amazing, believe it.

Let me help you find healing as you let go of the past.

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