24 Feb 2021
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21 Ways How to Be Happy

These 21 Ways on How to be Happy and Positive Today

Today is a wonderful day because I get to respond to the question I got last week, “How are you so happy and positive?” The more I thought about this question, I realized I needed to do some discovery.

I have to say, I’m not always happy and positive but I try to be at least 85 – 90% of the time. I make it a conscious effort to remain positive. It really is a conscious effort to remain in a positive state.

Here’s a list I thought of that help me remain in a happy and positive state, several are similar but that shows how the importance of that in my life.

I’m happy because of many reasons:

1) Choice

I make it a deliberate choice to be happy. I make it a choice. I believe it’s your choice, to be in the state you’re in.

2) Regular Self Improvement

One of the most important things I do and you can do is improve yourself, focus on improving yourself. Find something you want to learn and go after that thing, like learning a new language, skill or talent.

3) Discovering How to Help Others

Some great advice I received a while ago was, “If you help enough others get what they want, you will get what you want.” I have found this so true. The more I can help you, the more energy I have in life.

Choose to be happy
Happiness starts as a choice.

4) Realize It’s Better to be Happy and Positive

The more I have discovered putting positive energy to something, the greater the results.

When you remain positive in a situation, your body, and mind figure out the best solution.

5) Discover a Purpose

Purpose is a driving force behind remaining happy and positive in life. If you have a purpose, you have focus, determination, and direction.

Having a purpose gives you a reason why to keep doing what you’re doing. Discover a purpose by completing the, ‘Best Year Ever‘ exercise. What excites you?

6) Don’t Allow Anger to Control

This is a big one for me. I will lose my patience with my children at times and if I didn’t control my anger, I would do things that I would regret later.

I take the time to process if what happened was worth getting upset over. I ask myself the question, “Did it really matter?”

7) Just Move On

It’s not worth giving somebody else your power and energy; they don’t deserve it.

8) Listen to Motivational Stuff Daily

The power of staying in a positive mental state is improved when you listen to motivational speakers or talks. Here are a few I highly recommend:

9) Avoid Negative News

Avoid the news like a plague. The news media is destructive; 9.99 times out of ten it is always negative. There’s enough we have to worry about; you don’t need to bring more negativity in your life.

Avoid the Negative News and create your own positive news!

how to be happy
How to be happy – avoid negative news.

10) Mindful and Aware of Thoughts and Feelings

Stay mindful and aware of what your thoughts and feelings are so you can choose how you will respond. We can choose how we react and if we remain mindful of what’s going on we can choose emotions that will move us forward.

11) Continue Helping Others

If you stay focused on helping others, it minimizes your stresses and struggles. When you help others, there are chemicals, like, serotonin and dopamine that are released in the brain that help you be happy and remain positive.

Relax and don’t let things bother you.

12) Don’t Allow Things to Bother

Allowing things to bother you, only creates stress, anxiety, and frustration.

A lot of times, we allow things to bother us that we have no control over, like the weather, the way someone acted or what was said. You have no control over these things so focus on the things you can have an effect on.

13) Worst Case Scenario (one of my personal favorites)

If you can break it down to the worst case scenario, a lot of times you realize the worst case scenario is not as bad as we make it out to be.

14) Have Fun in Life

The saying, “Time Flys When You’re Having Fun,” takes on a whole new meaning when you really are having fun. Do something spontaneous and fun.

15) Self-care

What helps you rejuvenate and give you some energy? The need for self-care is tremendously underestimated. If you want to function at your peak, you must take care of yourself. What do you like to do to relax?

It is also very important to forgive yourself for things you may have done in the past, they will only keep you stuck.

smile be happy
Smile, release the endorphins manually.

16) Smile Game

No matter where you are at, try to get someone to smile, it will increase your joy and theirs. If you get to the point you are getting lots of smiles, step up your game and try to get them to laugh.

17) Gratitude

Count your blessings and be grateful for them. Be grateful for everything you have, are doing and for the blessings that are coming your way.

18) Intentional Being

Who do you want to be? Intentionally be and act like the person you want to be and don’t allow anyone to get in your way. You deserve to be the best you.

be you
Who do you want to be? You need to live with intention and be that person.

19) Bigger Purpose

Look for a much bigger purpose in life, don’t settle for status quo. You are amazing, discover your purpose and direction.

20) Look For the Opportunity

You will be thrown curve balls, challenges and many questions of why in life; look for the opportunity each of these challenges presents. Discover the joy in your journey.

21) Avoid Drama

Don’t worry about what other people think. Avoid the drama’s of life, they only create a headache, stress, anxiety and sometimes depression. Also, very important, don’t get tangled up in other people’s drama.

I know I said 21 Ways but there’s two more that I need to mention.

22) Don’t Get Offended

Discover the possibilities that exist when you don’t take offense to things. You deserve to be happy, allowing yourself to get offended, will only hold you back, forgive others and move on.

23) Don’t Hold Grudges

Grudges are poison and hold you back from the joys of life; realize things will happen that you don’t like, ignore it and keep going. Don’t give up on your dreams to hold a grudge because of something someone did. It’s not worth it!

Tony Rhoton, Motivational Speaker • Personal Improvement Coach


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