22 Feb 2021

4 Steps to Get Unstuck in Life

Mentally Stuck? This is How to Get Unstuck

Have you ever had a morning, day, week or month feeling mentally stuck? The past several days I have really been fighting my little demons about not wanting to do anything and to stay where I’m at, stuck.

I have studied and taken courses on how to get out of this stuck position, but mentally, I couldn’t think about what to do next. Waking up, I recognized myself doing the most straightforward task at hand and not wanting to go beyond that. I would look at things that I could do that wouldn’t involve people, but yet I’m trying to help people, a considerable oxymoron, I know.

First Step – Recognize

The first step I had to take to get out of my mentally stuck place was recognized that I was stuck. I had to realize that I was searching to do the things that were the easiest, that would not involve people and frankly, did not really matter.

You have to realize where you are at so you can know where you want to go. In my case, I had to realize that I was holding back, feeling fear, feeling of low value and worth.

Second Step – Declarations

Once I discovered how I was feeling, I had to do the next step to get my mind mentally unstuck. I had to go to where I want to be, not physically, but mentally, I had to establish some new feelings. I wrote down several declarations, power statements or just words that empowered me. For example, here are some of my declarations. I am a:

  • Powerful, engaging speaker.
  • Entertaining speaker and mentor.
  • Leader.
  • Faithful husband, father, and leader.
  • Elite Mentor.

These are the declarations that I feel or want to think about myself, notice they are all written in the first person, “I am …”

You will want at least 5 declarations.

Third Step – Prepare Your Body

After you have your declarations down you need to prepare your body to make these declarations to the world, you may want to do this in a private room or outside in a secluded area.

  • Find your secluded area.
  • Stand up, if you can.
  • Spread your arms out, as if you were giving a big group hug.
  • Open your chest, stick it up.
  • Lift your chin up.

Fourth Step – Yell Your Declarations

  • YELL, YELL, YELL your declarations.
  • Yell them with power, authority, confidence, and faith.

The reason you want to yell your declarations is to let the world, your brain, and universe who you really are. You are a powerful individual with abilities that are greater than you realize and that you are declaring a few of them.

When feeling mentally stuck and don’t know what to do, this exercise will help you get unstuck and open up the possibilities. You may have noticed that even standing up and getting in a power pose helped you feel better, but don’t stop there. You may feel a little ridiculous about yelling your declarations but if you’re stuck, do it.

Negative Behavior Shift

If you’re in a mental place where you are wanting to do things that are against your values, morals or standards that you have set for yourself, declaring your statements will help put you on a better mental path.

Stuck in Office

I realize this is an ideal situation but what if you’re in an office and you can’t leave? Do everything mentioned, except for the yelling but do it in your mind. In your mind, imagine yourself yelling at the top of your lungs declaring it to the world. I would also encourage you to write your declarations down, big, bold and proud.

You may be thinking, that’s it, I just need to yell positive stuff about me? Please do not discount the simpleness of shouting your declarations. If I asked you to do something great, and physical, you would say,

“Of course that will work, because it is big and great.”

Yelling/speaking your declarations out loud engages your mind and your entire self to change. Just because the idea is simple and straightforward, does not mean it is weak. Try it!

Remember the purpose of this article is to help you get unstuck mentally so that you can move forward again. If you don’t feel like you’re stuck and just a little boost, read your declarations.

Bonus Action Step

I would strongly encourage you to get some non-lyrical music and record yourself with music saying your declarations. You’re connecting new neural-pathways when you add music, and you are making the declarations even more powerful.

If you record yourself reading your declarations, plug in your earbuds to listen and help get unstuck. You could also listen to your recording when you need a pick-me-up.

You’re amazing, realize it!

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Here’s a link to the Truth and Lies video that I refer to.


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