24 Feb 2021

9 Steps to Repair Relationships

9 Steps to Let Go of the Negative Baggage and Repair Relationships That You’ve Carried for Years!

You have a lot of baggage, and you may not realize it. Do you ever feel like no matter what you try to do, you are not able to achieve your goals?

These unfinished conversations and frustration is the baggage that you don’t realize you’re carrying and pulling around that I want to talk about today.

Think about your life, do you have people that you’ve had to bite your tongue so you did not say something that may hurt them? Did you realize each of those conversations that you did not finish, is baggage?

The fact that you suppress it is like a spring that the more you push down, eventually it’s going to pop and anyone in the way could get hurt.

This technique is not going to hurt anyone but will help you tremendously. Here’s the step by step to get rid of some of this negative baggage.

Step One – Create a List

Create a list of at least ten people, if they pop into your head, write them down. This list is going to be the first conversations that you’re going to finish, so they don’t hold you back any longer.

Step Two – Start with First One on the List

Look at your list of ten, whosever at the top, in the first position, is the person you want to finish the conversation first.

Step Three – Quiet Room

You want to go into a quiet room where no one will here you, and you’ll be able to be open and honest, with yourself and your feelings.

Step Four – Invite

The first person you have listed, you are going to invite them to join you, not physically but spiritually invite them to join you. You verbally invite the person to join you, and you imagine them coming down and sitting in a chair next to you or across from you.

Step Five – Thank Them

You are about to unload all of the junk you’ve had penned up for years, so thank them for coming. I like to let them know that I will be expressing myself openly and entirely so that we can both heal.

Step Six – Unload on Them

Let them have all of the yuck that’s inside of you, pour it out, everything! If you feel like swearing at them, do it. Don’t allow anything to be left inside of you. Use emotion, yell, scream, whatever is inside of you, let it out.

If there was any pain, let describe the pain they did to you, do NOT hold back! (This is the reason to be in a room by yourself. You don’t want all of the junk inside of you to get inside of someone else.)

Step Seven – Apologize

Acknowledge that you realize that you have kept a lot of yuck inside of you for a long time and have allowed it to affect the relationship. Say, “I’m sorry for having all of these angry, upset, hateful and frustrated feelings towards you. Will you forgive me?”

Imagine them saying, “Yes.” If they do or not, it does not matter. You are moving on, and it is now their responsibility. The only thing you can change is you, so you take care of yourself.

After apologizing to the person, ask yourself to forgive you and also your Higher Power, say yes and move on.

Step Eight – Fill with Positive

Now that you just got all of that junk out of you, you must fill it with good. Read a good book, scriptures, motivational, positive quotes, good music with good lyrics. Fill yourself with all that is good for at least half as much longer.

For example, if you vented at the person for one hour, you will fill with positive for at least 1 1/2 hours. You don’t have to do this part by yourself, so get out and start filling.

Step Nine – Get Rid of Negative Energy in Room

You’re feeling better now, but your room that you just spilled all of that junk may not be so open up the windows, doors and cleanse the place too. Allow fresh air to move in and get rid of the negative energy in the room.

If you’re struggling with something and it’s been burdening you a while, please schedule an appointment and let me help you. Tony Rhoton – Mentor, Coach and Speaker – 801.787.5765

Fuse Love into Your Life; I Love You!

This article is a personal note to you. I love you. You may be thinking, you don’t know me, and although that may be true to some extent, I still know you. You’ve got a lot you want to accomplish in life, and unfortunately, your past is holding you back.

You may not realize it, but I do. Some stories were created when you were a young child that is running your life today. Some of the stories created in your mind are good, and some are not so good. Do you want those stories as a child to continue to run your life today?

I know for me there were a lot of patterns that were created when I was a kid and some of them I want to keep but others I am trying to change. How many patterns are you still following without thinking about it?

With all of my heart, I want you to realize the importance of learning to love yourself as you are. If you could recognize how amazing you are, would open up the world to you.

I wished I could help each of you individually, but I know that’s not feasible, so I created my Facebook group to help you.

If you’re struggling with things of your past, here’s a tool to help you.

Struggling with motivation, this technique can help you.

Looking at how you can let go of the past, try this.

Have some extremely frustrating people in your life and wished you could let them have it, try an unfinished conversation.

No matter where you’re at in life, I have a tool, technique, tip to help you. Remaining stuck, alone, lost, struggling, feeling of worthless or even suicidal, I may be able to help you.

You’re not alone in having feelings like this. However difficult your life is, I can help you; please let me.

Again, I love you and thank you for being you.

You’re amazing, believe it!

Tony Rhoton – Life Mentor, Coach, Speaker • 801.787.5765


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