25 Dec 2020

All I Can Do is Survive – 2 Powerful Coping Strategies

Some Days All I Can Do is Survive and Just Cope With Life

It’s one of those days, you roll over and look at the clock and dread starts flowing over and through you. The thought of getting out of bed is unbearable. Realizing you don’t have any desire to get out of bed, you put the pillow over your head and hope everything goes away. Just when you think you going to be able to ignore everything, in comes your child, dog, husband or a knock at the door. Coping strategies can help.

Are you (!@#$%^&) kidding me?

You pull yourself out of bed and think, “I haven’t even started and I’m done!”

How many times do you feel like this? There are other times you may feel like this and it’s in the middle of the day. When you get these moments of zero motivation, excitement or love for life, what do you do? Cope.

Coping Strategies

Coping is learning how to just manage, not try to do more, but just manage. Here are a couple of coping strategies to help you:

  1. Deep Breathing
  2. Coping Declarations

Deep Breathing

When you are feeling done, overwhelmed, frustrated and like you can’t handle it anymore, calm your mind. You calm your mind by relaxing your breath and paying attention to your breathing. Slow Breath in for 7 seconds and a slow breath out for 7 seconds, repeat 7 times. As you calm your mind, you can calm your body.

Coping Declarations

Another way to cope is to tell yourself declarations of strength, not combative or empowering but strength. Here are some examples:

  • I can handle this if I breathe slowly.
  • I am safe and this will pass.
  • This feeling will pass, I’m letting it go.
  • I’ll relax so my mind can relax.
  • I’ve done this before, I can do it again.
  • Whatever happens, I can handle it.

As you are breathing, implement saying coping statements after the exhale.

You are stronger than you realize. You matter, believe it.

You’re amazing. I would love to help you upgrade your life, find greater confidence and hope.


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