24 Jul 2020
morning routine

Amazing Power of Morning Routine

Having Morning and Evening Routines is Crucial

When you wake up in the morning, what do you do? What is your morning routine and what his your evening routine?

The way you start out your morning is a foundation for your day. Your foundation may be weak or strong so let’s analyze it.

Which one describes you when you wake up in the morning?

  • Do you wake up to an alarm?
  • Do you curse the alarm?
  • Throw the alarm clock across the room?
  • Wake up by yourself?
  • Bounce out of bed?
  • Begrudgingly get out of bed?

Every person is different, but you need to decide right now, what your routine is as soon as you get out of bed. It starts now, what are you going to do?


In life, you can have negative triggers, and you can have positive triggers. Negative triggers are those that create pain and don’t build us up, like addictions.

Positive triggers could be wearing a necklace and everytime you touch it, you express gratitude. It is essential to set up positive triggers and use them to build your life.

Getting back to the morning routine, instead of dreading the alarm going off, think about it as an opportunity clock.

Positive Trigger

Your opportunity clock just rang so jump up and go for every opportunity you have today.

The next thing you should do is as soon as you get out of bed, implement a routine, something you do every day that is going to help build yourself a solid foundation.

You decide what you do; this is just an example of using a trigger positively.

Morning Routine

Here’s one of my morning routines that I’ve had in the past, in which I implement the Power of Ten, so I don’t feel overwhelmed:

  1. Listen/Read to Spiritual Text for 10 min.
  2. Read a Book (ex: fiction, non-fiction, motivational, inspirational) for 10 min.
  3. Say Out Loud My Declarations for one to three minutes
  4. Stare at My Vision Board for 3 Minutes
  5. Tell My Children, “I love you.”

However, something significant to realize is how you view your morning starts the night before, so it’s imperative to have an evening routine too but if you’re not ready for that, don’t worry, you can add it later.

Morning routines help set the foundation for the day and evening routines help set the foundation for the morning.

Evening Routine

Here’s an example of my evening routine, which I change every month and modify it as I like:

  1. Write in Journal
  2. Sway with my Wife
  3. Go to Bed by 11:30 pm
  4. Stare at My Vision Board for 3 Minutes
  5. Hug My Children.

As you can tell, my routines are not very large, do not take up a lot of time and is something easy to do. When I do these simple things, it helps me to start the day even better.

If you write down your routines, this will help you to start building a solid foundation.

After you have your routines written down, it is so vital to track yourself to see if you are doing them. Are you being integral with yourself and doing what you said you would do?

If not, adjust, modify or change your routines so that you can complete them.

I use a checklist and evaluate how I did every week, so I can see if I need to adjust anything. I strongly recommend you use a checklist too.

Best Idea for a Morning Routine

Use the gift of gratitude journaling in your morning routine. This simple exercise will help you purge negative feelings, and empower the real you.

You will start your day off in a higher vibration and better mood. You have been tremendously blessed but you don’t realize it or acknowledge it.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we focus on what we don’t have or didn’t achieve which puts us in non-abundant thinking and selfish attitude.

Selfishness is when you are focused on what you will get what you will gain without the thought of how others can benefit.

I’m trying to break out of this thought process right now. For the longest time, I was afraid for people to know if I had money or not.

I was ashamed when I didn’t have money to go participate in the activities or ashamed when I could but someone else couldn’t. My thinking was keeping me stuck, stuck in between failure and success.

I am learning that I have to Leave Behind and Change My Mind. As I leave behind my old thoughts and negative beliefs and change my mind to the new me, the better me, the blessings continue to flow to me.

I have to accept the fact that it’s okay to achieve success in all forms. I can celebrate the rewards that come to me.

Analyze your life, are you sabotaging your success? What’s your thoughts on money, time, success, failure, etc… What thoughts are empowering you and giving you strength to succeed and which ones are holding you back?

Let go of the past thoughts and negative beliefs and move towards the better you, the you that does not fear success, money, time or failure. The, ‘you’ that uses opportunities to bless you, your family, and others around you.

You can have it all without being selfish, keep in mind the reason for success and how you can bless the lives of others. You’re amazing, believe it!

Take Action

Don’t keep learning, take action on what you have learned.