24 Feb 2021

Be Grateful, Stop Complaining, Design Your Life

Be Grateful; Stop Complaining

As I was looking through some of my social media followers the other day, I noticed how one person complained about the weather and someone else praising the weather. I started thinking about what it must be like from Heavenly Father’s (your Higher Power) point of view continually getting prayers to stop the weather and at the same time, keep the weather coming.

Complaining Prohibits Your Success in Life

How can He answer everyone’s prayers? He can’t!

That got me thinking about the importance of gratitude and to stop complaining about things. The one thing we can control is our attitude of gratitude. We can express appreciation for all things no matter what is going on and our view will determine your level of joy and happiness.

You have something going on in your life right now and I want you to ask yourself: Have I been grateful for …? or Have I been complaining about …?

You need to make a decision today of how you’re going to react to life. Are you going to have a life of gratitude, joy, happiness and success or not? It’s your choice.


Get four sheets of paper and fold them in half, hamburger fold, top to bottom, giving you an 8.5 x 5.5 size. Unfold this paper and on the top of each sheet of paper write the word, ‘Can’ and below the fold write the word, ‘Cannot.’

The four areas you’re going to focus on is:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Behavioral
  4. Spiritual

Each sheet of paper will represent a separate focus. Make a list of things you can control and cannot control. After you have created your list for each area, notice where you are putting your time. If you’re like most people, you focus a lot on the things you cannot control, remember STOP!

You want to start focusing on the things that you can control, designing your life to be what you want not what others want. When you start creating your life, you’ll find excitement, focus, purpose, and hope.

You’re amazing, believe it!

Tony Rhoton, Intuitive Mentoring that Transforms

Realize Life is a Blessing – Life is a Gift

This morning I reflect on all of the blessings I have. I would list how life is a blessing, but the list would be extremely long. I love life, and I’m grateful for the gift of life. Life is a blessing in so many ways if you allow it to be.

You could be struggling right now, but how are you going to choose to handle that struggle?

I know some people that no matter what, they are pessimistic. They could have the best marriage and still nitpick at the slightest issues that come up. They go to a restaurant and complain about everything. It doesn’t matter where they are at or what they are doing, complain, complain and more complaining. Seriously they could be on their ideal vacation and complain about it.

The ironic thing is the more they complain, the worse their health gets, which leads to more complaining. Can you see the vicious cycle?

In your life are you:

  • Complaining or are you staying solution focused?
  • Willing to put a smile on your face and find the positive in your circumstances?
  • Looking for solutions to your challenges or throwing a pity party?

It’s your choice and nobody else’s. You need to stop blaming anyone or anything and take the responsibility you have for your situation. I don’t want you to take any more or any less than your responsibility but take ownership of your challenge.

When you take responsibility and focus on what you can do, you are engaging your rational and logical brain. You are telling yourself, “I’m going to find a solution. I will change this situation.”

Counting your blessings and staying in solution mode, instead of victim mode will help you maintain hope, purpose, and love of life. Life is a blessing. Life is a gift.

The truth is you are a gift to the world. The world needs you and your talents and skills.

Take charge of your life today by counting the blessings and start designing your life.

Don’t let anything hold you back. Tony Rhoton, Mentor, Speaker, and Mindset Coach.


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