24 Feb 2021

Devastating Emotional Mental and Physical Stuff

Devastating Emotional Mental and Physical Stuff Holding You Back

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Stuff for Survival

How much mental, emotional and physical stuff do you have lying around? What purpose is your stuff serving you? Identify what’s the purpose you are holding on to the stuff. Acknowledge that the stuff served a purpose, but now it no longer is needed.

Here’s an example of how physical stuff can mentally make us feel like we will die if we get rid of it.

In this example, I’m going to use a story from a young lady that helped me realize how her brain was considering physical stuff was necessary to survive. Her subconscious was controlling her life and was running a program that said, “Without the stuff, you will die.”

“It was a beautiful day outside. I am 7 years old and I was playing with dolls next to the couch when I started hearing yelling. Yelling was normal in my house so I didn’t think anything about it. However today was a little different, I saw my brother come in and he was yelling and running. My dad was running after him and was threatening to beat him. My brother turned around the corner and was trying to get away.

Seeing how mad my dad was, I knew he would seriously hurt my brother. Anyway as my father was running after him and reached for my brother, he tripped and hit his head on the coffee table.

My dad split his head open and lied on the floor bleeding, but my brother was safe. We were all grateful the coffee table was there because who knows what my dad would have done.”

In this story, you can see how stuff had saved her brothers life. Without the physical stuff, her brother may have been seriously injured.

Psychology That’s Going On

This young lady witnessed something that was very traumatic. Her brain instantly internalized, “If I want to be safe, I have to be surrounded by stuff. Stuff will protect me and make me safe.”

Fast forward many years, she struggles with keeping her house clean and orderly. She assumed that she was just a mess; however, she was unaware of a mental block being caused by her subconscious. Her mental state was not allowing her to be clean and organized, even though it’s what she wanted in her physical state. She has since been made aware of this block. Through the mentoring process, she has developed a lot of techniques, here’s one of them, to help her move forward, and now she’s in the process of cleaning and organizing her house, one room at a time. She sent me photos showing all of the stuff she’s getting rid of because now she knows how too.

Inventory Your Life

Now with this story, although a bit dramatic, you can see how stuff became survival to her brain and was using it without her knowing. In this example, I referenced physical stuff; however, it’s not always physical. It may be mental clutter or emotional clutter because of something that has happened in your life; you’re just feeling stuck.

When you can identify what’s keeping you stuck, you can discover the tools to leverage to get unstuck. I feel honored and blessed to help this lady discover those tools and to see her progressing so well. She is sharing these same tools with her son and realized that her son was keeping his room a mess because he could get away from the bad guys if they have to climb over stuff. He was using physical items to survive.

Your brain is phenomenal, and when you learn to leverage its power, you can accomplish anything you want.

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You Can Do Hard Things

I love it when I wake up, and I know what I should talk about and today is no different.

We have a saying in our family that is, “You Can Do Hard Things.” Today I’m going to talk about doing hard things. It easy to stay in bed, it’s hard to get out of bed and to stay engaged. It’s easy to remain upset and angry; it’s hard to forget and forgive.

The hardest things in life are dealing with those challenges that you don’t feel like you have any control over. The challenge could be pornography, drugs, sex, alcohol, anger, resentment, etc. It is so easy to just give into these things; however to avoid giving into these triggers and staying sober is much harder.

Hardest Thing

The more I have thought about Hard things, I have realized, in my opinion, that the ultimate hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness is a gift that we should give freely, maybe not because the person that we are forgiving deserves it, but because we deserve it. We have the right to be free from the bondage that is caused by not forgiving.

Refusal to forgive and to move on is like ropes tied around you that will inhibit your free movement. You may think you are free, but the truth is you are not. You are in bondage without realizing it. There is a lot of pain and anger that you need to let go.

I feel like I’m a happy guy and pretty confident and did not realize that I have several things that are holding me back. I started going through the exercise of discovering my emotions and realized I have a lot of junk in me, and I had no idea.

You owe it to yourself and others to forgive and move on. It may not be easy, but remember, “You Can Do Hard Things!”

You’re amazing, rise up to the challenge to do hard things and especially forgiving others and yourself.

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