14 Feb 2021

I Love Myself Challenge

A while ago, I created challenge to help improve your self-esteem and confidence. I called it the, “I Love Myself Challenge.” It was an amazing challenge the had some spectacular results.

The full challenge below but it started with this realization and article that I posted prior to the challenge:

I love myself; You should love yourself too.

Every day you are bombarded by negative thoughts from the media, family, friends and worst, yourself. I want you to think about how many negative thoughts you’ve had about yourself today. How many were there? Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve had 1, 100, 500 or more because it’s normal. I said it’s normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay.

You internalize junk that does not serve you. You have things inside of you from events that happened to you when you were a child. It is time to grow. It is time to expand beyond your inner child and become the person I know you can be. It’s time to be the person that achieves your goals and soars beyond your expectations. You are amazing; there’s no doubt in my mind.

Start Saying It.

You need to change the story that is deep inside. You’re a talented and gifted person. You need to love yourself and say, right now, “I LOVE MYSELF!”

Repeat it but a little louder, “I LOVE MYSELF!”

Now bring the roof down and say it as loud as you can, “I LOVE MYSELF.”

This simple exercise is powerful and can help you grow.

Fake It Until You Make It!

You may be thinking, “I don’t believe it. Who could love me.” This negative thinking is a case in point of fake it until you make it. If you tell yourself several times a day, “I LOVE MYSELF.” You will start to believe it. When you begin to think it, you will start seeing miraculous changes in your life.

I have learned this concept from a book titled, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.” Although I dislike the cover of the book because it is very negative with a positive message, it is straightforward and very good. He, the author, talks about how bad of a place he was in. His health was going down the tubes, and he was depressed. With his business tanking and everything falling apart, he felt hopeless. After sitting in a room for several weeks, and not getting out of bed, he finally said enough. At that point of saying enough, he had this thought about saying, “I love myself.”

The very beginning he did not believe it, but just like I’m telling you, the more you tell yourself something, you will believe it. You have been saying to yourself all of these negative things, and you have started to believe them. These negative emotions and negative feelings are NOT true. They may be real emotions and feelings, but they are NOT true. It is time for you to change your life forever and start saying this every morning and night, say it at least five times.


In summary, you are an amazing person, and you need to realize it. You have so many negative thoughts and feelings in you that you need to get rid of them. You need to start realizing your potential, and it’s not where you are at now. It is so much greater.

You’re amazing, rise up to the challenge of telling yourself, “I LOVE MYSELF,” five times in the morning and five times at night.

I Love Myself Challenge – Week 1

I Challenge You to Join “#ILoveMyself” 1 Month Challenge

My goal of mentoring and creating videos and blogs is to help you gain confidence, increase your self-esteem and live an empowered life. I want you to realize your greatness and share it with others. Hence, I Love Myself challenge.

The “I Love Myself Challenge” is an opportunity to start healing and progressing. Love is one of the most powerful and healing words but too many don’t say it to themselves. You’re amazing, talented, and strong. You can do hard things and have done many hard things in life.

Why don’t you believe me? Hence, the reason for this challenge. I want you to love yourself so you can upgrade your life.

Before you begin the challenge, identify your current state. How do you feel about your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional life? How do you want to feel?

#ILoveMyself Challenge

#ILoveMyself  challenge is simple but powerful. Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • Post your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals on the Getting to the Roots Facebook Group.
  • Every morning as soon as you wake up say, “I love myself” fifteen (15) times.
  • Throughout the day say, “I love myself” at least five (5) times.
  • Right before you go to bed say, “I love myself” fifteen (15) times.
  • Daily post on the You’re Amazing Facebook Group, #ILoveMyself.
  • At the end of one month, let us know if anything happened.

I have read several books, and they all express the importance of learning to love yourself as you are. I hope that this challenge will help you start a process that will change your life forever.

#ILoveMyself needs to be spread throughout the world so please share this post and the challenge with friends and family.

You’re amazing, believe it!

If you’re struggling with something and it’s holding you back, contact me for one-on-one mentoring. Please don’t allow yourself to suffer any longer than you already have.

I Love Myself Challenge Week 2

(#ILoveMyself) I Love Myself Challenge Part 2

Today I discuss the next phase of the I Love Myself Challenge to upgrade your life. I Love myself is a powerful tool that will change your life forever.

Part One of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

The first part of the challenge was to say:

“I Love Myself”

15 times in the morning as soon as you wake up; 5 times during lunch and 15 times in the evening right before bed.

Part Two of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

The second part of the challenge is to add a meditation segment as well as a Higher Power element.

Today we are going to dive into a more intensive whole brain learning process by implementing meditation by looking at yourself in the mirror. The challenge is to stand only a few inches away from a mirror and stare into one eye. You can choose what eye you want to stare into but focus on one eye for five minutes. Watch what your eye does as you say I love myself over and over.

Your pupil will dilate and goes through a process of analyzing the message you are saying now and comparing it to the millions of messages it has received before. The method of retraining the brain and accepting the fact that you are amazing is powerful.

Part Three of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

The third thing you’re going to implement if you want to change in your life is to imagine your Heavenly Father or your Higher Power telling you, “I Love You.”

The process would look like this; you will tell yourself, “I love myself. Heavenly Father loves me. I love myself.”

Bring the love of your Higher Power into your life. He loves you and wants the best for you, believe it!

If you’re stuck and need help upgrading your life, please call or click on the button to the right and schedule a session. It’s time to heal.

I Love Myself Challenge Part 3 Upgrade

Today we implement part 3 of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

I have been discussing the value of the #ILoveMyself Challenge, which started out as a simple technique. You can learn more about this simple technique here, but I’ll summarize it here. I call it the 15-5-15 exercise. Wake up, and the first thing you do is tell yourself, I Love Myself fifteen times. When you’re eating lunch or sometime in the afternoon tell yourself, I Love Myself five times. You will want to end your day loving yourself and say to yourself, “I Love Myself” fifteen times again, sleep well. 🙂

Then we added part two where you add to your routine meditating 5 minutes by looking in the mirror while saying and thinking, I love myself. You will also say, “My Heavenly Father loves me.” (or whoever is your Higher Power.)

Part 3 #ILoveMyself Challenge

You have expressed love for yourself for a while now, Heavenly Father (Higher Power) expressing His love; now express love for your body.

This part of the challenge involves telling different parts of your body how much you love it. For example, saying “I love my…” before each phrase. I love my:

  • Hands because…
  • Feet because…
  • Arms because…
  • Ears, eyes, nose, etc., because…

Let your brain know how much you love your entire body in detail, not just in general but that you love yourself wholly and completely.

Each step of the, “I Love Myself challenge” is focused on improving your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. The purpose of each level is a slight upgrade to your life. Love yourself for who you are right now, not after you have done something but wholly and entirely right now as you are.

Please share this and help others learn to love themselves and others.

You’re amazing. If you’re struggling with something and just can’t seem to get further, I would love to mentor you to help you upgrade your life.

Schedule a session with Tony Rhoton • Life Mentor, Life Coach, Speaker

The final part of the challenge – Love Yourself Enough to Forgive Yourself

You’re Priceless; Love Yourself Enough to Forgive Yourself

I’m so glad you’re here, and this is an excellent day for you to be here to learn how to love yourself. I was not sure what I was supposed to talk about and to share with you, and I received a prompting I need to talk about Loving Yourself Enough to Forgive Yourself.

Sometimes it is easier to forgive others for the mistakes or the things they may have done than to forgive ourselves. It’s so important to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes. Mistakes are just that, a mistake, don’t allow them to define who you are; allow those challenges to help you be a better person.

You deserve just as much if not more forgiveness of yourself than for others. You deserve to love yourself; realize that you are amazing and you deserve tremendous blessings.

An exercise to implement in your life is to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you. You are great. You’re amazing just the way you are, mistakes and all.”

Valuable Mantra

Here’s an exercise to go through to help improve your self-love and confidence:

  • I am an amazing child of God.
  • I love myself.
  • I am a gift to the world.
  • The world deserves me to be at my best.
  • I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.
  • I am valuable and I have infinite worth.
  • I love the world and the world loves me.
  • It’s True; It’s True

Your Life of Value

You have been given your life and your challenges because your higher power knows you can handle it. They want you to discover your real worth. Your experiences will help you help others overcome their problems and realize there’s hope.

Realize your worth and your potential. If you don’t believe in a higher power, put your faith in my belief about you. Rise Up to the challenge to realize You’re priceless; You’re Amazing so Realize it.

Tony Rhoton Motivational Speaker • Personal Improvement Coach


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