24 Feb 2021

Making Hard Decisions – Don’t Take My Freedom Away

Getting Rid of the Dogs in Life – Making Tough Choices and Hard Decisions

I’m faced with one of the hardest decisions and the toughest choice I’ve had to make in my life, which inspired this post and video.

Last night, my daughter was bit by our dog that we got at Christmas. Unfortunately, she was also bit on Christmas Eve which was worse. He punctured her nose and lip.

raina bite
Showing my daughter’s lip and nose from dog bite 12/24/18

However yesterday was just a scrape on the face, but it scared her and the rest of the family.

I realized in life we have to make tough choices and hard decisions. I’m being faced with this one, I have to get rid of Champ, our dog.

How many dogs (hard choices to make) in your life do you need to get rid of? What’s holding you back for reaching your goals because you’re wanting to keep that dog, even though you know you shouldn’t?

You’re amazing, believe it. Get rid of the dogs that aren’t empowering you.

Don’t Take My Freedom of Choice Away!

Yesterday I received a notice from American Fork City that I had to get rid of 4 of my chickens. The joy my chickens bring to me is immense, I love my chickens. I have ten chickens because that’s what I need to support my family but they said I could only have 6, Grrrrrrrr!

I am not very happy. Matter-of-fact, I’m extremely upset about it. When something like this happens, I always try to look at the lesson’s I need to learn and if I’m doing anything that is similar.

Lesson Learned

Of course, once I start searching, I realize I am doing the same thing to my children. I’m getting rid of their choice. I recognized that I did not like the fact that I did not have a choice, the city is telling me I have to do this, Grrrrrrr!

Freedom is paramount for happiness, and I feel the city is taking mine away, and I’m not happy. This realization helped me to acknowledge that, at times, I have removed my children’s freedom of choice and they don’t like it. Hmmm, this freedom factor is for every person, no one wants their liberty taken away.

Kharma Bit Me in the Butt

What goes around comes around? This saying took on a whole new meaning as I have been processing the evil actions of the city, Grrrr. As I continue thinking about the entire thing, I have identified that I need to give my children choice. There’s a reaction to every action, but I still need to allow them to choose.


Look at your life and search for areas where you are removing the freedom of choice from someone and start implementing changes today. Obviously, you need to be smart about this, you can’t have a baby make decisions, but you can begin to encourage your children, colleagues, friends, and family to make choices.

Action Steps:

  1. Where are you removing choices?
  2. How can you allow the persons that you’re removing choice from, have the freedom of choice?
  3. What areas of your life do you feel like you have no choice and identify how you feel about it?

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Have Courtesy for Yourself and Your Choices

Courtesy involves three main pillars that I want to address: Respect, Apology and Avoid Embarrassing others. Imagine you’re at an office party and your boss comes up to you and offers you a drink; however, you don’t drink, what do you do?


Part of being courteous and showing courtesy is respect to yourself, others, and property. What do you do in this scenario? Do you respect yourself enough to stand up and say, “I don’t drink,” or do you brush it off on someone or something else? Have you maintained power or given it away?

When you blame someone or something else, you’re giving away your power. You are telling yourself, I can’t make a decision, so I have to allow someone or something else to make my decision for me. I want you to keep your power and your respect and say, “I don’t drink.” You are maintaining the control and the strength of a woman. Your choices are yours, and you do what you say you’re going to do, the power is yours.

There are too many times you give up your power to excuses, keep your control and remain strong.


Another aspect of courtesy is to be humble and apologize. If you say your sorry, even if you’re not in the wrong, you are staying in control. You may feel like you’re giving up your power by saying sorry, but you’re not. Sorry is a powerful word, that helps promote healing. Saying sorry opens up doors and creates solutions when none seemed possible.

Avoid Embarrassing Others

The final pillar I want to share with you today is Avoid Embarrassing others! When you tell a story or share an experience are you building yourself up and putting someone else down? Courtesy is about lifting and supporting those around you. Sarcasm and causing embarrassment is not courteous and should be avoided. If you put others down, you’re only hurting yourself, because you’re giving your power away. You are bringing yourself down to say offensive or embarrassing things, stop!

You’re a fantastic woman. You don’t need to tear others down to feel good about yourself. Look around you; they are all struggling. Every person you see right now is struggling with something so be courteous and lift and build them.

If you’re struggling with something, let me help. I have opened up slots to mentor/coach you. You don’t need to fight any longer.

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