22 Feb 2021

Managing Painful Trauma in Life

Experienced Trauma? Manage Traumatic Events Instead of Them Managing You

This simple technique may give you the additional support and strength you need. I have been mentoring an individual for a while now, and she’s come a long way. She experienced some severe abuse as a child, physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse. It’s incredibly saddening to hear about some of the violence she suffered. At first, when I hear about this kind of trauma, I am always amazed at how well a person is doing for going through all of the pain and suffering.

This young lady is no exception. She continues to smile and do her best for herself and her family. However, when someone has experienced trauma in their life, it’s embedded deep because the victim wants to forget about it; ignore it and pretend it never happened.

You Can’t Forget About It

Unfortunately, as much as a victim may try to push the memory down and forget about it, they can’t. Your brain is the greatest computer and remembers everything in its subconscious. To help manage and deal with the abuse, the victim will go to counseling. Therapy is extremely helpful but may not be enough, you have to learn to let it go. I have a simple LET Go technique for you to try to help you in your healing process.

Bright Light – Hope

All though a person who has been abused or experienced a traumatic event feels lost, there’s hope.

With this technique, you are going to need to find a mature tree because you’re going to expend all that pinned up, negative energy at it. Do NOT do this technique towards anything living, because it is extremely harmful. Please only talk to a mature tree or an inanimate object.

Talk to a Tree

After you have selected a mature tree, you’re going to talk to the tree and express gratitude for the tree being there but let the tree know you are going to be spewing a lot of negative energy at it. (I know it sounds weird, but it works.)

Next, you are going to take off your shoes, stand in front of the tree and vent all of your anger, frustration, pain, sorrow, hurt, stress, etc. to the tree with full emotion. Yell at it, scream at it, call the tree names, say everything you can think of that you would want to say to the perpetrator, don’t hold back.

Grounding or Earthing Therapy

This technique helps to get out penned up emotions so that they can be processed correctly. You are letting go of these emotions and allowing the tree to take them and send them to the ground; this process is called grounding or earthing therapy. Grounding helps to get rid of the negative energy, radiation and harmful things in our body so that you can heal.

All of the negative energy that is inside of you needs to get out, and this is one technique to let it go and get it out of you, here’s another that I mentioned in the video. This technique is efficacious and may completely change your life.

Tony Rhoton, Mentor – Helping you find hope, confidence, value, and purpose so that you can accomplish your goals, and help your children and family do the same. When you’re strong, your family is strong.


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