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31 Jul 2019
Troubled Teen or Broken Family System

Troubled Teen or Broken System

Troubled Teen or Broken System? Good morning. My name is Tony Rhoton, and I have a question I want to ask you. Do you have a broken family system? I have been helping so many people for many years, and one of the things that I’ve realized is so many people don’t recognize or identify […]

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03 Mar 2019
criteria to be a good parent

Criteria to be a Good Parent

Parenting Responsibility or Children’s Responsibility? Sometimes it can seem fuzzy about our responsibilities as a parent versus the child. What’s the responsibility of the parent or accountability of the child? You probably get a lot of advice from friends and family. You’re probably tired of it and especially don’t want to read or listen to […]

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02 Mar 2019
Responding to a suicidal child

Responding the Right Way to a Suicidal Child

What do you do when your child says, “I Want to Die?” Today I’m sharing an experience I had and I regret it so I’m sharing openly to help you. I hope you don’t make the same mistake. However, if you have overreacted to this or any other shocking question, you can repair it. I […]

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01 Mar 2019
Be a Parent Not a Friend

Be a Parent; Not a Friend

Your Child Needs a Parent, Not a Friend If you are feeling shame, please realize you’re not bad, and it’s okay. When your child was born, you were not given a manual on how to raise your child. Instead, you were handed diapers, a blanket and a bill saying good luck. (ha ha ha) The […]

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22 Oct 2018

Help Your Children Develop a Strong Self-Esteem

Help Your Children Develop a Strong Self-Esteem in a Suicide World In today’s society, there are too many children that end their life because of low self-esteem or feeling worthless. It breaks my heart and I want to do my part to help them so I started trying to get speaking assignments at schools. While I […]

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