22 Feb 2021

Phenomenal Power of Saying No

The Power of, ‘Saying No,’ Is Good and Healthy

As you start to improve your life, people will be attracted to you and want you to start helping them more and more. Helping more people is good but can also be wrong because the tendency is to put your goals and your plans off for others; hence, the power of No.

If you put off your goals and plans, you are NOT moving in a positive direction of where you want to go; therefore, you will start to get angry, frustrated, unmotivated and resentful. You will start going backward.

Healthy Boundaries

One of the most influential words in the English language is, ‘NO.’

By discovering the power of No will help you to start laying a foundation of where your morals and values are.

‘No’ will help you to discover your beliefs. You will realize how much you have put other peoples agendas over your own.

When you recognize how much you are catering to others, you will be able to make the changes to bring your joy, happiness, and love of life back to you.

Say Yes to Your Life by Saying No

I wished I could say that saying, “No” is going to be easy, but it’s not. No is powerful and starts to make some people uneasy if you have always said, “Yes.” before. However, it is ironic that ‘No’ is what you need to say to keep powerful, healthy relationships. The more you start to say, “No” the more you start to say, “Yes” to your life and making you the best you possible.

Never discredit the word ‘No’ because this powerful word will move mountains for you. You will discover the time you thought you lost. You will find the energy that was forever gone.

I love to coach and mentor people, but I have to be selective because there are people that I’ll start working with that don’t keep commitments. If I kept working with those people and trying to get them to change their negative behaviors, I would get extremely frustrated and start disliking what I was doing. Once I started saying ‘No’ to people who would NOT keep their commitments, I was able to help a lot more people who would.

How Could You Leave the One

You may be saying to yourself, “How could you give up on that person?”

I want to point out that I did not give up on that person, they gave up on themselves by not following through, by not showing integrity. I created this website to help those people until they reach the point that they love themselves enough to keep their commitments.

By realizing the power of ‘No,’ I can help a lot more people. I have been able to expand my reach and serve even more men, women, and children. ‘No’ is what helped me recognize the power of these articles, videos and podcasts and how they would support thousands.

Make a Plan

Look at your life, as it is right now, what things do you have planned that help you be the person you want to be? How much of that is being put off to help others? Who are you allowing to monopolize your time, money and energy?

After analyzing your life, decide if you want to allow these people to take priority over you. Remember you can only help someone to your best ability. If you are the best you, that is a more powerful help than a grumpy, angry or frustrated but willing you.

You’re Amazing, Believe It!

Mentor, Coach, and Speaker in Utah • Tony Rhoton


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