10 Dec 2020
power techniques to change your life

Power Techniques to Change Your Life

Below are Six Power Techniques to Change Your Life Forever!

I’ve been writing for several years on different techniques to change your life. I’m condensing several of those articles into this one article.

Technique #1:
Shred Your Story to Change Your Life

You have a story right now that is playing over and over. This story is holding you back, and you need to change it so you can change your life.

What are you struggling with right now? What’s the story with this struggle, describe it in detail, so you are aware of it and all of the nuances.? You need to know where you are at so you can identify where you want to go.

For example, let’s say you want to release of some of your weight.

Here’s the process you will go through:

Step 1 – Write Current Story

Write your thoughts and experiences about losing weight. Did you have success before? What happened? Why didn’t you keep it off? Detail your emotions around weight, be very specific. What patterns do you follow every day?

Step 2 – Shred Current Story

You’ve just discovered some harsh things, and it may be difficult to write them down. Did you find that you have a freezer full of ice cream, candy on the counters? Are you eating because you’re hungry or for comfort? Facing these realities is challenging because we recognize traits you may not like about yourself. Now shred it, tear it up, stomp on it and yell at the top of your lungs, this is my old story. I’m changing this story. I no longer want this story.

Step 3 – Burn or Throw Your Current Story Away

After venting all of your frustration towards this story and emotions that were holding you back, throw it away. You need to burn or throw this shredded up old story away. While throwing it away, say to yourself, I’m changing my story.

Step 4 – Write Your New Story

Now you know where you are at, where do you want to go? How many pounds do you want to let go? Remember we don’t want to lose weight, let it go. Write your story as if it’s the end of the year, what happened? Where are you? How much do you weigh? Are you happy, healthy, fit and energetic? Describe in as much detail while this was the best year ever and how you were able to accomplish so much.

Step 5 – Read Your New Story Regularly

Change your life by reading your story over and over. Record it on your phone and listen to it over and over, memorize this story and start choosing to live this story. You have the choice.

Use this pattern and principle I explained above of writing down the old story, shred, burn/throw it away, write the new story and read unanimously for helping with any struggle.

When you know where you are at, you can understand where we want to go to change your life.

Technique #2:
Increase Your Personal Values – Build a Solid Foundation to Change Your Life

How many times have your personal values been tested? Did you compromise your standards to please someone else or because you felt uncomfortable? Your values define who you are and what you stand for; they give you a foundation to build upon.

Your values help to identify who you are. The values you have chosen to follow are at the core of who you are. There are some values that you developed as you were growing up, maybe because of religion or family but do you believe in them?

To establish your values, you need to follow four steps:

Step 1 – What Are Your Values?

What are your personal values? How did you get them? What do they mean to you?

Step 2 – Define Your Values.

Now that you know the values you want to define them. Define exactly what that value means. What are you willing to do or not do?

Step 3 – Understand Your Values.

You’ve identified which values you wanted; defined them and now understand them. Understand why you want these values in your life? What will these values help you do?

Step 4 – Follow Your Personal Values.

Now that you’ve defined your value, and understand why you have established this value, follow it! The real test to see if something is one of your values or not is to follow it. If you’ve gone through this process to create your values, it is much easier to follow them. You are choosing to follow this standard, that you have set because you set it, not your church, family, friends or any external source. The rule you set is your standard from inside yourself.

Decide ahead of time, what your standards/values are so that you can follow them when you’re challenged. You may get tested by your boyfriend to do things that are against your values. If they are values based on others, you will not adhere to them like you would if you set them.

You’re stronger than you think, allow your values to guide you to happiness and joy.

If you need help identifying your standards and values, schedule an appointment for a one-on-one mentoring session so I can help you accomplish your goals, improve your self-esteem and gain more confidence.

Technique #3:
Interrupting Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

Yesterday I was confronted by someone that said, “You’re giving people false hope. You can’t change your life like you’re talking about.”

The information I share with you will change your life if you implement it. She was right, but she was also wrong. I can’t change somebody’s life that’s correct; however, you can change your life, and that’s where she was wrong. If you implement the techniques I’ve shared with you, your life will change.

For example in this article and video, I’m talking about interrupting your thoughts and being mindful of them. Our stinking thinking creates a lot of pain, sickness, and suffering within our bodies. Can I prove this will work with you? No, but I can share a personal story that shows how it may help.

Personal Story of Moving Emotions

The other day, my beautiful, amazing wife, whom I call Beautiful, had a tremendous headache. She had her headache for three days, and it was getting worse by the minute. After checking on all of the obvious things like sleep, drinking water, smells, etc., I asked her, “What’s stressing you out?”

She told me about a relationship that was bothering her. I taught her a method to deal with these emotions and this relationship.

About an hour and a half later, I asked her how she was doing, and she said,

“I did what you suggested I do. As I was processing through the relationship and the frustration, my headache got worse and worse. The headache increased tremendously; however, I kept processing it. After I completed using the technique, I no longer had the intense headache, it’s more of a dull feeling. I went outside, walked around while building myself back up and it worked. My headache is gone.”

Understanding How It Works

I will explain what was happening:

My wife had an emotion that she felt like she did not have to worry about it and it would go away. The typical response is, “It doesn’t matter. It’s not that big of a deal.” When you look a lot closer, her emotion was affecting her much more than she wanted to admit. The emotion had lodged itself in her shoulders, which tightened up the muscles and moved up the neck causing a headache. Once my wife moved the emotion and got it out of her, the headache went away.

Our thoughts stimulate emotions; the emotions trigger actions and the actions lead to results. If you don’t manage your emotions and store them in your body, you will get negative results.

Learn how to move emotions, gain confidence and increase your self-esteem independent of others.

Trust the process and give it a try.

Technique #4:
Change Requires Doing Something Different

You can’t expect things to change if you keep doing the same thing over and over. Yesterday I posted a video on self-esteem and a course that I’m putting together to help people have complete self-esteem. There’s a lot of time, money and energy going into this course and I offered it to everyone at $7 (valued at $197)

The thing that was interesting was how many people took advantage of this fantastic offer. I intentionally did not try to sell it or push it because I was curious what would happen.

How many people would take action to improve their life?

After the day ended, there were very few people that took advantage of the opportunity.

This article focuses on something that I realized. In general, people do a lot of complaining. Complain about weight, job, friends, health, etc. but we don’t do anything about it.

Change is a Process

If you want things to change in your life, you must do something different starting today. If you’re going to be healthier, you have to take action on making healthier choices.

The choices you make today matter, and it starts today. Change is a process; it’s not an immediate effect.

What are some challenges, or frustrations that you’re experiencing right now? Ask yourself, what is a simple step I can do today that will help me towards this challenge or frustration?

You have heard the quote before, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The world is waiting for the best you; however to be the best you, new patterns must be created. For example, if you’re overweight, you can’t expect any change if you continue to do the same thing, eat the same thing over and over. You have to make changes on your diet, on your daily behaviors and patterns. Change is a process; it does not happen overnight.

What changes do you need to make?

If you’re having a difficult time making changes in your life, contact me so we can remove the blocks that are holding you back.

Technique #5:
Take Action to Change Your Life

About eight years ago, I allowed an experience I had to shut me down for a while. I had a client declare bankruptcy on me. After losing $30,000, I kept using it as an excuse as to why I was not further along. The excuses I could come up with were valid and true, but I was choosing to allow them to hold me back instead of moving forward. I did not take action in my life.

What are you complaining about? What’s frustrating you? What is it that you know you need to take action on but keep putting it off?

When you are trying to improve, stuff will always come up, because you have forces against you. You are continually being bombarded by unseen stoppers. Think about that thing you know you need to take action, why haven’t you?

Common Interruptions

Maybe you have things like this going on inside your brain:

  • You’re really tired; you should get some sleep.
  • This isn’t as important as that.
  • Everyone already knows or does that thing, so it does not matter.
  • Wow, you’ve had a hard day, just do it in the morning.

The thoughts that are holding you back come, but you must make a conscious effort not to heed them. Take Action! Ask yourself, “What should I do today, that’s going to help me the most?”

Listen to the what promptings you get, and take action. Don’t put off the impression, just do it. Take action today on the prompting you received, it will help you.

Another way to improve your life is to accept the #ILoveMyself Challenge. The power behind this challenge is that it starts to strengthen your identity. When you realize that you’re a cosmic being with infinite potential, nothing should hold you back. Your identity and what you think about yourself affects your health, wealth and progress.

Take action on simple challenges to receive massive results. You’re amazing, take action today. Change your life by implementing small and simple things in your life.

There are many other techniques to implement in your life to change your life but this article would be too long to add them all. I wanted to add some of my favorites to this.

Technique #6:
Interrupt Negative Cycles

Do you have a cycle in your life that keeps repeating its self? Maybe it’s in relationships, behaviors, goals, or business?

You’re not alone. The more I have been mentoring and also paying attention and being more aware; I realize cycles happen all of the time. The cycle I’m referring too is the negative cycle that goes like this:

  1. You are passionate and ready to accomplish your goal; nothing is going to stop you.
  2. Things start to get a little hard, and you start questioning whether you should pursue your goal or not.
  3. Nothing seems to be improving, so you doubt your decisions, your goal, everything is doubtful.
  4. You give up, you’re done, you’ve tried it, but nothing seems to be working, so you give up.
  5. Now you are feeling crushed and worthless, telling yourself all kinds of negative junk.
  6. Someone comes along with encouragement, like me, and says, “You can do this. What a phenomenal, wonderful, amazing idea, you can completely rock this.”
  7. The thought comes back into your mind, “Maybe I can do this?”
  8. You start to get more confidence in your decision to continue pushing forward.
  9. Your confidence is entirely back, and you’re passionate about your goal and ready to conquer the world.

Does this cycle sound familiar?

Interrupt the Repetition of the Negative Cycle

This is the negative cycle that happens over and over in many aspects of your life, relationships, behaviors, goals and business, the cycle is the same.

The most important thing you can do is recognize the cycle is real and be aware of it. Once you’re aware of the cycle, start implementing some of the techniques I’ve taught you to break the cycle. Here are some different methods to use to break the cycle.

  1. When you’re passionate, you need to empower yourself.
  2. The questions start coming, journal, do the truth and lies exercise, identity poster, and declarations about yourself.
  3. You start to doubt yourself: journal, truth and lies, power build and identity poster.
  4. You’ve reached the point, and you have given up: journal, truth and lies, identity poster, and coping declarations.
  5. Feeling thoroughly crushed and like there’s no hope: journal, coping declarations, identity poster.
  6. The spark of hope comes back, and maybe this is a good idea: identity poster, declarations, and truths and lies exercise.
  7. Now you know you can do this and your confidence has returned: power building, epic declarations, identity poster, and journaling.

When you know the cycle, you can implement techniques to interrupt the cycle and stop it or increase the speed of the cycle so you can get back to confidence, and passion.

You’re amazing, believe it!

Tony Rhoton, Mentor, Coach and Speaker • 801.787.5765


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