22 Feb 2021

Ten Tips to Discover Your Value

The many faces in life

Every day we wear so many faces, the face of mom, dad, brother, sister, co-worker, boss, disciplinarian, etc… These faces help keep us motivated and charged if they are real.

I love being a dad, absolutely love it but I have noticed that sometimes I don’t keep myself charged while I’m interacting with my children. I go into a more disciplinarian role until they want to talk to me. I have, unfortunately, realized that my deeper conversations are few and farther between. However, being aware of that will help me to change it.

What face are you wearing that’s a facade?

What face do you put on just to try to impress others when you are struggling? It’s okay to have bad days, it’s okay to be down at times, and it’s okay to get help.

Getting help does not mean you’re weak, matter-of-fact you are showing strength by recognizing it. When you are humble enough to recognize your weaknesses, healing begins. You don’t have to be happy all of the time, you don’t have to be in a good mood all of the time. Emotions are a part of life, recognize them and then you can decide how to move forward.

There are times that you might want to be upset, it seems silly but it’s true. You may want to sulk, have a little pity party but don’t allow yourself to stay there long. If you stay long in a down state, that too is unhealthy. We want to find a balance of emotions.

Design Your Life

I’m not talking perfect balance, that would be amazing but also would generate a lot of stress. I want you to identify your emotions and be mindful of them so you can design the life you want.

Living a fulfilling, fun, energetic, passionate and adventurous life is by design, not happenchance. You need to recognize areas of your life that you want to change and then decide to start the changing process, even if it requires you to do hard things. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • What is it that you want in life?
  • Why do you want that?
  • If you want to achieve that, what do you need to do?

After you have recognized what it is you want in life, you must take action to create that life.

You’re Not Weak

Frequently people will tell me, I can’t because …

A lot of times the struggles of life will hold someone back. I know life can be hard but it can also be easy and amazing. If you struggle with depression, anxiety or any other struggle, you are not weak. You have a struggle, name one person who doesn’t have a struggle. If you give a name, I dare say you don’t know that person very well then. We all have struggles but they are different.

Your struggle, however, is not unique. There is someone in this vast world that has experienced or is experiencing exactly what you may be going through. You’re NOT Alone!

You’re Amazing

You’re amazing for listening and wanting to improve your life. Don’t allow anyone to still your dreams.

You’re amazing for pressing forward when you don’t feel like it. You deserve to be happy so identify what face it is, that you put on, that gives you excitement and energy for life. Wear that face more and more, share it with the world and invite others to have an amazing, wonderful, fantastic day.

Tony Rhoton, Motivational Speaker • Personal Development Coach

Who are you, what’s your value and purpose in life? What’s your excuse?

Today, I don’t feel like posting a video so I’m going to create written content.
You’re stronger than you think. You have talents, skills, and abilities that can bless the lives of others. The trauma you have experienced in life is what makes you an even more amazing person.

Use your experiences to help others grow and thrive, and you’ll grow and thrive too. When looking at your life, do you moan and complain about it? If so, you’re not taking advantage of a wonderful gift you have of changing the lives of others.

I think of Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms and legs. His parents would not allow him to sit around, they did not allow him to complain and they made him do things. Nick is a phenomenal example of never giving up.

It’s Easy to Give Up!

He could have easily used the fact that he doesn’t have arms and legs as an excuse to sit at home and do nothing; we would have all understood and even agreed it was okay, but he didn’t. Gratefully, he had parents that loved him so much they would not let him think he was broken.

What excuses are using to make you think you’re broken? Is it the fact you’re in a bad relationship? or depression? or loneliness? What is it?

Decide today that you’re done and get rid of the excuses that are holding you back.
One of the greatest messages Nick shares is, “Who are you, what your value? What’s your purpose in life? What’s your destiny when you’re done here? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you’re more disabled than I.”

These are some powerful questions to answer and that’s why I focus on helping you feel confident and valuable. You have a purpose, you are of tremendous value; feel your destiny!

You’re amazing, believe it!


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