14 Jan 2021

Cole Pack

I’m sitting here trying to think of the best qualities that Tony has, and the best words I can think of to describe him are; “He’s a rock”. I don’t mean that in a rough, or overly hardened, and unbreakable kind of way. I mean that he is always there for the people and things that he truly cares about.

… the most important lesson I learned from Tony was to work hard, have fun, and love people. Tony told me many stories about successes and some about the failures he had had throughout his life. I noticed that the common denominator among all of those experiences was his ability (no matter what the circumstance) to work hard while being able to have fun and love the people he was interacting with. I noticed this not only in the stories he told me but also in his own daily life.

No matter who he is interacting with; be it family, friend, or client, he always maintains this “rock” composure. The ability to work hard, have fun, and love people no matter the situation he is in, and do it One-Hundred Percent of the time. With any endeavor Tony ensues, I will always highly recommend him.