14 Jan 2021

Johnny B

I have been friends with Tony for a number of years. He was the first person that I met in American Fork when I moved here and, at times, we have worked together. I believe that you could say that Tony is talented in quite a different number of areas. Although his experience for many years was marketing, supported by a great many other skills- such as photography, videography, self-publishing, website development, etc., his passion seems to be fundamentally about relating to other human beings and helping them in a variety of ways. I think that he finally grasped the most direct way he could relate to this passion, by becoming a life coach. This is a great way for him to use all his personal talents because they can all be useful in helping people with business, personal relationships, and even their spiritual direction

As to Tony’s strengths, I am not sure I know all of them because every time I spot one for the first time, another one shows up. …

He also likes to work with young people and, with seven children, his fathering skills are immense. He has a wonderful marriage and there is a hugely co-operative effort in his family, no doubt sometimes challenging (since it is so large) but a tribute to his ability to see and coordinate many things at once. He is active in his church and very committed to his friends, neighbors, and anyone who comes his way who he could help.