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This is Woody, my gardening buddy, I can't figure out if he's lazy or on the lookout for danger?

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gardening is simple

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Tony has a passion not only for gardening but also for sharing the life lessons that come from the garden. This adds a new dimension for me to think about and apply to my life. For someone who is at the beginner gardener level, I am appreciative of his willingness and patience in answering all of my many basic questions. I highly recommend choosing Tony for your gardening mentor!
angie young
Angie Young
Dating Coach Mentor
I have always wanted to be a gardener, but the more I learned the more I was just overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. Tony did a thorough walk-through of my space and gave me simple direction and honest opinions. It never had to be as hard as I was making it! Thank you for breaking everything down to a level I could understand!
RuthieRye e1638484259627
Ruthie Renae
I wanted to take a minute and tell how great Tony has been for my garden (and for me).

I started my garden a couple of years ago. Tony was never too busy to answer my questions no matter what or when.

This past year my son mentioned my Jurassic Park plants which produced like champs. I owe the success of my garden to Tony. He was kind, patient and understanding throughout the entire project including now when I have questions.

I can't believe the difference between my garden before Tony helped me and after.

We had to start almost from the beginning but it was so worth it.

I LOVE my garden and eating the produce.

Jess Indy
Gardening has been a passion for me for many many years. A few years ago, we moved to a colder location with a very short growing season. Tony became a vital resource for me as he taught me how to adapt to my new climate sharing new concepts and ideas that truly worked. I found success again. The best part is that his practices are all-natural with no dangerous chemicals!

He also shared ideas for landscaping our yard. His knowledge reaches above and beyond basic gardening with practices such as preparing the soil, preserving seeds, growing indoor starts, demolishing pests, companion planting, protecting plants against harsh weather conditions, preserving a bountiful harvest, and creating luscious nutritious dinners. He also works with herbs and shows us how to create medicinal tinctures! He knows almost everything, and if he doesn't, he makes every effort to find the answer.

Tony has taught me necessary mindset practices that have brought my family through difficult life lessons. He is optimistic, trustworthy, creative, well-informed, perceptive and a joy to work with. I highly recommend his classes to generate a proliferous garden and much higher confidence levels!​

jenn hahn 2
Jenn Hahn
Business Owner

Tony's Backyard Raised Bed Garden

I kept hearing, do a raised bed garden for better production… well I did but did it perform better?

large zuchinni
Showing off a large zucchini that was buried underneath the plant.
glass gem corn
Glass Gem Corn is beautiful and looks like little gems on a cob.
leaf lettuce
This is one harvest of lettuce, many more followed.
bell pepper harvest
A few bell peppers I harvested for dinner and salsa.

Tony's Front Yard Inground Garden

For over 20 years I have been doing in-ground gardening and I still get phenomenal results, but I’ve learned a lot. 

Sun sugar tomatoes
The most delicious tomato that I've ever tasted, literally like desert.
asparagus berries
Asparagus putting on some berries to grow more.
One of the most beautiful plants I've added to my garden, amaranth.
When you garden natures way, that God intended, you bring in the pollinators naturally.

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gardening is simple

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