24 Feb 2021

You Have Value Inside Realize It

You Have Value Inside of You, as You Are

You have value is inside of you and others are waiting for you to realize it. You can have so much and be so much more than what you are. My goal is to help you break free from the chains that are holding you back. The changes that we focus on:

  • Improve your mindset.
  • Changing your past negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • Letting go of past trauma.
  • and so much more.

Value is already inside of you, it now comes to unlocking it so you can experience it yourself.

You’re amazing, believe it!

You Determine Your Value and Worth

The other day, I was feeling so excited about everything that I am doing in life. My motivation was at its highest. Nothing could knock me down, so I thought? I was looking at some questions and comments on my page and the value people were getting out of my content and then…

I read it … a negative comment.

One negative comment amongst all of the positive ones, but it was like a punch to the gut.

There was a flood of feelings that came through: hurt, anger, frustration, sadness and more hurt.

These thoughts pulsed through my brain, “I’m doing all of this to help people. How could they say those mean things?”

Reframed Thoughts

That’s when I reframed my thoughts and realized I had to look at these as gifts, positive and negative. “I was blessed with many positive gifts, things like:

  • Thank you, you’re changing my life.
  • Wow! I had no idea.
  • Powerful insight, etc.

The positive gifts went on and on, and I was choosing to allow this one contrary gift almost ruin my day. Right then I realized it was my choice if I was going to accept this negative gift or not. It was my decision what I wanted to do with each present?

There’s a lot of challenge that comes with negativity, primarily if it is directed at you because it cuts to the core. If you learn to reframe positivity and negativity, you can discover a new level of self-mastery.

What negative gifts are you choosing to accept?

You need to decide today, do you want to keep these negative gifts or let them go?

The gifts you keep will determine the person you are going to be. You cannot accept negative gifts without them affecting you negatively. However, the exact opposite is true; you can’t accept positive gifts without them affecting you.

It’s your choice, are you going to accept positive gifts or negative gifts.

I’m here to help you discover how to get straight A’s in life, financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I’m here for you.

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