22 Ways You Are Amazing

I created this post with you in mind. However, in full disclosure, I have an ulterior motive. I’ll reveal the ulterior motive at the end. Here’s what I think of you you’re amazing, believe it:

As you read the above statements, what was going through your mind? Were you dismissing them and thinking, I’m talking about someone else? Did you skim past them because it was too hard to read the truth?

My mission in life is to help every man, woman and child I meet to feel better about themselves.

Here’s some words I would like you to internalize and adopt one into your life today and say it over and over:

I am whole.

I am enough.

I am amazing.

I am loving.

I am caring.

I am strong.

I am kind.

I am positive.

I am smart.

I am humble.

I am intelligent.

I am positive.

I am wise.

I am beautiful.

I am pretty.

I am dedicated.

I am radiant.

I am patient.

I am a teacher.

I am creative.

I am of worth.

I am priceless.

I agree. I believe you are all of the things you just read above, pick one and say it to yourself several times throughout the day.

My ulterior motive is that I wanted you to read this, internalizing the words. I hope there was at least one word from above that you can implement in your day and repeat it over and over so you can realize it’s true!

You’re amazing, believe it!

Feeling Down and Need Help

The Power of Music

For those that know me, know that I do not listen to music, I never really have. I played instruments growing up but still never dove into the music listening arena. The cars and trucks driving down the road with loud music playing, I find rude and disrespectful to others, but you can’t deny the Power of Music, even in this

However, with that said, I have gained a new appreciation for music. I still do not approve of music blaring so loud that others can hear it within 30 feet but I have felt the Power of Music with a challenge that I received.

A couple of days ago, the challenge was given to me to find five songs that share my message of empowerment that I could listen too. At first, more of my hair fell out at the mere thought of this; however, my tune changed when I started looking.


When choosing music, you want to make sure it’s inspiring, uplifting and giving you the message you want to be. I have never looked at music this way, so I started reading the lyrics, and WOW there are some compelling, uplifting and fantastic songs. The songs I was reading and learning about were phenomenal. The message of in one of the songs talked about how you can do anything, and you’re great.

This message when internalized can make a huge difference in your life. You will have days that you don’t feel like doing anything and just kind of down. With approaching music like this, you get a powerful message of hope.

You have been struggling too long now it’s time to be happy and hopeful. Imagine waking up to a song telling you, you are great, and with the beat, the emotional connection and mental connection solidifies deep inside.

Here’s a recap, I digressed a bit so I want to come back to the challenge:

  1. Choose 3 to 5 songs.
  2. Learn the lyrics of one of these songs.
  3. Sing and dance to one of the songs and internalize the message.
  4. Listen to all five songs before noon.
  5. If you’re having a bad day or just need a pick me up, play your tunes.

Music is powerful and can help inspire you to take the next steps towards greatness. You’re amazing, rise up to the challenge of choosing music that is going to help uplift, inspire, encourage and support you towards your goals.

Tony Rhoton • Motivational Speaker, Personal Improvement Coach, and Mentor

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What Does It Mean? Define It!

In life we naturally start to compare ourselves to others, saying things like:

The funny thing is that if you were to talk to these women, they would be saying the same things about others and possibly even you. It’s essential to identify and define the meaning behind these statements? What does it mean she’s all together, so smart, perfect family?

Guage Your Progress

If you can define what that means to you, then you can start setting goals to achieve this very thing. However, if you don’t identify what it means, then you have nothing to gauge your progress.

For example, if you’re saying, “She’s got it all together.”

Does that mean, she doesn’t have any problems; her children are not struggling; her marriage is perfect?

Each of these statements also needs better clarification. Let’s use one example, “She doesn’t have any problems.” First, do you think the person you are looking at doesn’t have any problems whatsoever? If so, please introduce me because I would like to interview them. I have never met someone that doesn’t have problems so what do you mean by this or any statement?


If you clarify what you mean, then you’re able to clarify better what you want in your mind. You are in the best position to discover what it is you want in your life, regarding this situation. The more clarity you get, the more precise you can set goals to achieve what you’re wanting.

Think about the statements you’re saying about others and yourself and define what you mean. Once you have defined what you mean, then rewrite your story to fit the solution to that problem. The answer is in you. You can do it without looking elsewhere if you will define and clarify what you mean.

You’re amazing; believe it!

Life Mentor, Coach, and Speaker Tony Rhoton

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