The video is about finding gratitude in life. In the article, I share a story about abuse and how she overcame the struggle.

Grateful – Lessons Learned From Abuse

The other day I was talking to someone who had experienced some awful things as a child. She was abused mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually over and over again by a loved one. However, if you were to look at this person, you would think, “She’s got everything going for her. She’s smart talented; she’s perfect.”

It’s interesting how we come to these conclusions because people can put on a good game face. Except for this time, it’s true; she is doing well. She’s gone through therapy, has since gotten married, has a child and describes her life as perfect.

How can someone who’s gone through so much trauma in her life, say it’s perfect?

The answer lies in the lesson’s learned. I talked to her about her experience, and she said she learned so much and has been able to help so many people now, that she wouldn’t change it.


She’s an Amazing Woman

I was utterly shocked, stunned, paralyzed and a lot more words that I can’t think of right now. How could she say she would not change anything. Again, she has been able to move forward by identifying all of the lessons learned and the people she’s helped. I’m not saying she would want to go through it again, but she said she wouldn’t change anything. She is an amazing woman and you are too.

In your life, I’m sure you’ve gone through many struggles, challenges, frustrations and hurt that were never resolved. You may still experience a lot of pain because of your past, and that’s why I want to help you. If you learn the skill of processing your emotions, you can find the lessons learned to empower your future. Start by first writing down the lessons learned from your past struggles, challenges, and frustrations.

Our past is our past, it’s behind us so why do we allow it to stay with us? Discover simple exercises you can start implementing in your life to use your past as your fuel.

You are amazing and of infinite worth, believe it. I’ll show you how.

Tony Rhoton – Mentoring to Find Hope and Purpose in Life!

Underrated Compared to Abuse But Still a Challenge Not to Be Dismissed

My Challenging Day and My Thought Process

I’m sharing my journey of struggle. For two years, I have been doing videos to help those who watch them. These videos are sharing things that I have been using in my life, as well as those I coach. Each video focuses on some knowledge or insight to improve your life.

It’s now been several hours, and I’m back to writing my article, hoping 4:30 comes quick, so I can stop and take my daughter to practice.

I’m noticing that I’m looking for busy work because it feels better to be busy than not, but I’m not accomplishing my goals. I think about not achieving my goals, which are:
• Earn $5,000 a month easily and effortlessly
• Speak to 24 groups
• Sell my confidence course

I just looked at my vision board, which tells me I don’t know all of my goals, so now I’m questioning if these are my goals or not?

The last goal I have listed is: building Utah Family Therapy by helping 120 new clients every six months.

I’m frustrated because they’re not happening. I just got the news that a softball team accepted my daughter, but because the two coaches did not talk, they offered it to another girl, which makes me not want to do anything but watch a movie.

I’ve got my goals, so why am I struggling to work on them? Why do I want to do everything else but work on my goals? Why do I feel like I’m starting over again? What else should I be doing? How come I feel blah and don’t want to even think about work or helping people?

I have a couple of thoughts; one thought is a spiritual thought, the adversary does not want me to continue to help people and especially women. My second thought is I’m just lazy, and I am allowing fear to control me.

If fear is controlling me, why am I not wanting to do the things I know help me to get rid of fear? Is it fear?

You can see my emotional and mental state is all over the place right now, but I thought you would like to see, my process as I work through this.

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