Stop Hate Know Where You’re Going

Hate destroys you more than it does getting revenge. Too many times we don’t manage our emotions and emotions manage us. We are reactive instead of proactive in controlling them.
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Today’s video and podcast I’m comparing the movie, “Miracle” with life. Miracle is a Disney movie about the 1980 Olympic Ice Hockey team and what they had to go through to win against the Russians.

The team had to overcome hate, dislike, old-scores, etc. The coach knew what needed to happen and that he had to stop hate immediately. He had the vision but it was trying to get the team on board and united to overcome the challenges.

Hate stops you and prevents you from becoming the person you want to be. You have so much potential, let go of any hate and negative emotions; know where you’re going so nothing stops you.

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There are too many times that we allow our emotions to drive us instead of us staying in control. The technique I share in today’s video addresses how we can stay in control.

If you don’t manage your emotions they will manage you. Managing your emotions is easier than you think and with this technique, you can do it anywhere so you don’t bring that negativity home to your family.

You won’t have those moments of lashing out at your child, husband, friend or co-worker. Your ability to keep your cool allows you from having to repair damaged relationships. Get rid of anger now, before anger gets you.

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