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Today I share a technique that I have been using with the women I work with and also my children to let go of emotions. I help them to visualize the pain or emotion. This technique is powerful and easy to do; however, it will take some practice and commitment.

I’ve used this method to let go of anger, anxiety, sadness, etc.

Here are the steps to follow to visualize your pain and emotion to let go of them:

Step 1 – Level of Pain

One of the first things you want to do is identify the level of pain, hurt or emotion from a 1 to 10 that you’re experiencing.

Step 2 – Location

The next thing you want to do is figure out where the pain or the emotion is located.

Step 3 – Identify Shape and Color

After you have located where the pain and emotion is at, identify what shape and color it has. If you’re not sure, take a guess and imagine that pain or emotion is that shape and color. This imagery will help to separate this emotion for you, allowing you to let go of it.

Step 4 – Other Characteristics

Looking at this visual, what other characteristics does it have? Cold, hot, spikey, smooth, etc. The more you can see it, the easier it is to let go of it.

Step 5 – Close Your Eyes and Breathe

Focus on the emotion and pain and breathe into it, breathe love and gratitude into the feeling and follow it as it travels. Don’t try to fight it, love it, and breathe.

Step 6 – Gratitude

As you visualize the pain and emotion, express gratitude that you’re able to feel this pain and emotion, which helps to guide you to where you want to go. Gratitude is one of the highest energy frequencies we have and allows you to put your mind at ease.

Summary of Visualizing the Pain and Emotions to Let Go of Them

In summation, this technique is powerful if you implement it to help move the emotions out of you. As you move emotions, start looking for new ones, similar to other let go techniques, seek to see if you have the emotion within. Say, “I’m feeling (say emotion)…” and follow the steps above.

You’re amazing, believe it!

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