Beginning Step on How You “Lose Weight”

It’s astounding how much we sabotage ourselves with our thoughts. There are so many times we allow our thoughts to go rogue on us. We don’t think about what we are saying. When it comes to losing weight, think about that word, lose or lost. Did you lose weight? Do you want it back? Are you missing it?

I was sitting with a client that I mentor, and she was expressing how she wants to lose weight. The more I thought about this phrase, I asked her, do you want it back? Do you want to lose the weight to find it again?

Thoughts Matter

I know this seems almost ridiculous but when you think about the power of the mind, our thoughts matter.

Throughout your life,  you’ve lost things like:

Our brain knows that if we lose something, we want to find it. We want to find it, to get whatever it is we lost back. When you say, I lost weight or I want to lose weight; we are also saying we want to find it.

Your weight has become a part of who you are. If you try to deny it, you’re just lying about your past, and your brain knows it. The process you need to go through is retraining the brain.

Step 1 – Acknowledge It

Acknowledge that you have your weight and it has served its purpose in helping you to cope with life’s challenges. Yes, literally thank it for helping you but now you are going to tell it, the weight, its purpose was served and you are letting it go now.

Step 2 – Letting Weight Go

Weight is going to want to stay around because you have had it as part of your life for years, don’t let it. You need to write your story about how weight served you and now how letting go of weight will serve you more.

It is critical to write the story you want. Why do you want to let go of weight? What is weight doing to you? After you identify the full story, create the new story. Start out this way:

Letting go of weight will help me by …

Step 3 – Declare

Declare to your mind, body, and emotions the new story and create a declaration to say/read to yourself every day. Your brain is used to weight being there as a coping mechanism and turning to food when things are tough. You are going to retrain your brain with this declaration.

Here’s an example of a declaration to read every time you want to grab additional food or dessert.

I am a powerful (insert gender) and I am no longer needing weight to help me cope with my challenges. I have new coping mechanisms by writing, walking, etc… that serve me better. Weight served it’s purpose but is no longer part of my future because I am a stronger person today than I was yesterday.

Create your own declaration but read it every day, morning and night. I recommend reading this, memorizing it so you can say it all the time. You may be used to eating, three, four or more cookies now just eat one or two. You’ve trained your brain that it’s okay to eat several bowls of ice cream, cereal, sweets, etc., now tell your brain that you only need one.

You are the author of your story, what do you want to write?

Weight is something you choose to let go or release but not lose because you don’t want to find it again.

You’re amazing, believe it!

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