12 Garden Mistakes

common gardening mistakes

12 Common Vegetable Gardening Mistakes When it comes to gardening, there are many mistakes that gardeners make, these 12 gardening mistakes are some of the most common that new gardeners, and existing gardeners make: Not planning the garden layout: Not planning the design of your vegetable garden can lead to overcrowding, poor air circulation, and […]

7 Tips for Growing Egyptian Walking Onions

Growing Egyptian Walking Onions also known by several names, including top-set onions and tree onions. What Are Egyptian Walking Onions?​ Egyptian Walking Onions are perennial onions that produce a bulb underground, as well as bulbets above ground on a stem; they take longer to start than annual onions, but once established, they are much easier to […]

Seed Testing Failures

Homemade Fertilizer Failure https://youtu.be/Xun6HS15csw Seed Testing Failures, bound to happen when you are willing to go above and beyond. In my effort to keep things simple for you and testing some homemade fertilizers, I have successfully killed almost all of my seed starts. Below is an email I sent to my subscribers and I wanted […]

7 Days to Hardening Off Your Plants

Hardening off seedlings, also known as adjustment period, is a process that gradually exposes them to the elements to thicken the cuticle on the leaves, losing less water and minimize transplant shock.