Learning to Manage Your Emotions is Critical

We are continually being bombarded by negativity, just turn on any news and see for yourself. Political turmoil, harm, murder, right, wrong, movies, music, there’s a lot that’s all negative, which causes you to fill up with negativity faster. You already started out the day rough because something happened and you suppressed the emotion, and then more things went wrong, so you suppressed even more feelings. One emotion after another you push down and try to contain it until, boom, you explode on someone that really didn’t do anything wrong.

Manage Your Emotions Success Story

I woke up this morning to an alarm telling me to wake up but I did not want to get out of bed. I had a problematic sleep last night and didn’t feel like doing anything; however, I forced myself to get up. After getting out of bed, I stub my toe. Feeling like cursing, I stop and say, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” I pushed that anger from stubbing my toe down.

I went on the rest of the day, and I come home to my son crying and saying, “I’m sorry dad.”

“What happened,” I replied.

I broke the oven.

What? How did you break the oven?

He proceeds to tell me that he was trying to break apart some chicken wings and he was dropping the bag on the stove. My first reaction was not what I used to do. I said, “Thank you, son, for telling me about it, and I gave him a hug.”

I know this seems like wow what a great dad, good response, amazing. I agree, but it took work to get to this point.

Lack of Managing Your Emotions

Let’s rewind a few years and how I reacted to something much less in damage but unfortunately I did not handle it with the finesse I did yesterday.

This was my reaction to my son breaking a plate.

“Are you kidding me? I told you to be careful. Quit acting like a monkey. You need to use your brain bud. I can’t believe you …”

I did not handle this well at all, and it was only a dollar plate instead of a $350+ glass stove top.

I share this with you because of the importance of learning how to manage your emotions and let them go appropriately so you can maintain strong, healthy and healing relationships.

In the video, I share with you another story where I didn’t have the self-mastery of managing my emotions and a negative result.

Please take the time to write your emotions down and let them go today. Let one emotion go today.

You’re amazing, believe it.

If you’re having a hard time feeling any value or worth, struggling with accomplishing goals or need to develop emotional mastery, schedule a free Rise Up session today.

Don’t Allow Emotional Footprints in Your Room

I would like to take you on a visualization exercise today. Imagine yourself sitting in a room of a gorgeous house. This room you’re sitting in is peaceful. You’re surrounded by walls of white, and soft gray tones, a soft white carpet, gold trim, large stained glass that looks like a waterfall. Within this room, there’s some small plants, mirrors and a white couch with cherry wood trim that you’re sitting on. This place is heaven on earth, simple, organized, clean and most of all peaceful.

While you’re sitting in your place of bliss, someone walks in without taking off their shoes and leaves some footprints on the carpet. You’re fuming. How could they be so disrespectful? However, as they walk out of the room you but brush it off as it’s not that bad.

Ahh, you’re back to your place of bliss.

While you’re sitting there enjoying your solitude again, someone else has the audacity to walk in your room without your permission and they leave their footprints. As you look at where they walked, you notice that it’s kind of overlapping the previous person’s footprints and now there’s a darker stripe where the two footprints join.

You’re enjoying your current state and don’t want to worry about cleaning up those footprints and tell yourself, “I’ll clean them up later.”

As you’re starting to settle back down into your blissful, but now a little-frustrated state, you notice that more and more people keep coming into your room and leaving footprints, this time, where the original person stepped, you notice those footprints are so dark, they are almost black. You also notice that your beautiful gold trim on the edges are starting to get chips. Your couch that you were sitting on has little black smudges on it. The one ornate stained glass is now cloudy and hard to see the waterfall.

How Could My Room Get So Messy?

You wonder to yourself,
“How could I let my beautiful sanctuary get so messy?”
“Is it possible to get these black emotional footprints out? Can I find the gold to paint the trim again? Will it be possible to clean the stained glass window, my couch and be able to enjoy this place again?

The Room is You

I will now take this story and create the analogy. You are like that beautiful room, with gold trimming, white and gray walls and a gorgeous stained glass. You are absolutely amazing.

In life, you have had people say some sarcastic things, leaving little footprints on your carpet. However, you and society brushed them off as “they were just joking.” Like these footprints, the sarcasm left a slight mark on your carpet.

Dangers of Sarcasm

Then another person used the same sarcasm and left another set of footprints right next to the others, but this time, you start to think, “It must be true or there’s some truth to what is being said.” Again, you brush it off and think you’ll worry about it later and then a lot of people start coming into your life, leaving footprints. Your beautiful carpet is now smudged, you have started to internalize what is being said and feel it must be true. There are footprints all over with areas that are black because they have overlapped so many times.

You may feel or have felt like this room. Are you wondering if there’s a way to clean this room and find peace, joy, happiness again?

The answer is Yes!

Cleaning Up Your Room

There are many methods to start cleaning your room. Here are just a few:

These are just some of the methods to start cleaning your room and realize you’re a beautiful, amazing, phenomenal, talented woman.

Allow me to help you increase your self-esteem to find hope, healing, and purpose in your life.

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