4 Ways to Balance Life and Live It

balance your life

Analyze and Balance Life I count my blessings continuously as I’ve found balance in life. Recently, I have been analyzing and designing my life in detail, in more detail than I ever have. I have been going through a program to help me balance life, which is intense, walking me through each aspect of my […]

Follow this 8 Step Process for Making Decisions

Are You Making the Right Decision? This question about making decisions is a paralyzing question, because you might be afraid of making the wrong decision. If you follow the process I’ve outlined below, you may start making decisions easier and without all of the frustration. My name is Tony Rhoton, and I’m here to help […]

Helping Children in a World of Pornography

This¬†post you are about to read is a spiritual post and also links to one of the mental health therapy clinic in Utah. Helping Children Exposed To The World I went on a 4-day cruise with my family. I was not sure if I would recommend it or not. Here’s the story. I have seven […]

Help Your Children Develop a Strong Self-Esteem

Help Your Children Develop a Strong Self-Esteem in a Suicide World In today’s society, there are too many children that end their life because of low self-esteem or feeling worthless. It breaks my heart and I want to do my part to help them so I started trying to get speaking assignments at schools. While I […]

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Gratitude of Panyee – Pursue Your Dreams In 1986 11 of Koh Panyee’s boys decided they wanted to play soccer but there was a problem, they lived on water. The village laughed at them and said, “Do you realize we’re on water?” Koh Panyee is a village built on water, no land that could be […]

Be a Parent; Not a Friend

Your Child Needs a Parent, Not a Friend If you are feeling shame, please realize you’re not bad, and it’s okay. When your child was born, you were not given a manual on how to raise your child. Instead, you were handed diapers, a blanket and a bill saying good luck. (ha ha ha) The […]

Clarify Your Vision

Clarify Your Vision

Clarify Your Vision and Dream to Acheive It Faster. I was listening to a marketing podcast this morning, and I was hit by something that was a powerful concept for everyone, not just marketing. Here’s the idea, ‘Your message must be clear.’ This makes sense when you think about it from a marketing perspective. Your […]

Responding the Right Way to a Suicidal Child

Responding to a suicidal child

What do you do when your child says, “I Want to Die?” Today I’m sharing an experience I had and I regret it so I’m sharing openly to help you. I hope you don’t make the same mistake. However, if you have overreacted to this or any other shocking question, you can repair it. I […]

Do this before you react to a situation.

Do this before you react in any relationship

Before You React – Stop, Gather, and Go The concept of, ‘Stop, Gather and Go’ is critical when you are going to have a crucial conversation or react to a situation. As you prepare to communicate or react to something your child, family, co-worker, boss or loved one has said or done, implement this strategy […]

Criteria to be a Good Parent

criteria to be a good parent

Parenting Responsibility or Children’s Responsibility? Sometimes it can seem fuzzy about our responsibilities as a parent versus the child. What’s the responsibility of the parent or accountability of the child? You probably get a lot of advice from friends and family. You’re probably tired of it and especially don’t want to read or listen to […]